Holistic Vet Healing 

There is an increasing need for tapping into the best of both western and eastern medicine, so as to offer the best healing options for our pets in Adelaide. There are times where pet owners are faced with dilemma of having to live with chronic health issues of their pets or making that dreadful decision of euthanasia when conventional medications & surgeries are either not offering the solutions or financially unaffordable.

This is where holistic veterinary care steps in to offer the alternative healing for extending and maintaining a quality life by balancing the animal’s energy. Pet owners who prefer the more natural and organic approach towards life for themselves and their pets would also benefit from this service.

Holistic Care is also beneficial in the rehabilitation of animals after long periods of illness with heavy medication, post operation and post chemotherapy, where the right food therapy advice, acupuncture and herbal supplement treatment can help boost the immune system for a quicker recovery.

Holistic Vet Care

We provide your pet an integrative  veterinary care by offering Acupuncture, Accupressure Massage, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy and much more. Read more here.

Conventional Vet Care

Our Holistic Vet Care is offered in conjunction with Conventional Vet care. This provides options in the care and treatment of your pet and offering integrative veterinary care for your pet. 

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