• Sixx

    SixxSixx, my 12 year old Siberian Husky was not well. There was a massive sarcoma tumor on her left leg that was growing into her back and had doubled in size following a failed attempt remove it surgically. She was constantly hunching and arching her back in odd postures, had almost no appetite; she was underweight, losing muscle tone and in pain from her hips. To make matters worse, her once beautiful white coat had turned dull and coarse. Then there was the excessive and continuous panting and nervous pacing especially at night. Nobody was sleeping, and I knew Sixx needed help but honestly, I thought all a vet could do was prescribe drugs. When I walked in the consultation room, I expected nothing but a shot and to be told that Sixx was getting old there is not much else we can do I had all but given up on the ability of a Western Vet to offer healing of the symptoms.

    What started out as a normal check up turned into a pleasant surprise when Dr. Karen asked if she could check her pulses, her flow of chi and I witnessed Dr. Karen assessing Sixx in a whole new way using her hands and massage as well as, more familiar methods. Sixx is a nervous dog at the vet and usually does backflips to run out the door, but on that day she was open and relaxed with with Dr. Karens touch. Dr. Karen brought to my attention that it was possible Sixx may have endured a lot of trauma as a puppy (I got her as a rescue dog) which may have led to a late term miscarriage and this trauma was feeding her symptoms and pain. I was shocked and relieved to hear this. Dr. Karen felt that Sixx could be helped through diet change, tui-na massage, and acupuncture and offered to come to my home to help. How lucky are Sixx and I to have met a Veterinary Doctor who is educated of both Eastern and Western Medicines? She prescribed pain medicine and then started with the natural methods of healing like herbal supplements and putting Sixx on a high quality, whole food diet.

    I noticed a big change for the better straight away. Sixx gained weight, her digestion improved greatly, she actually looks younger and her coat is soft and beautiful again. We are still undergoing treatment and Sixx is improving week by week and her tumour is no longer growing. I never imagined my dog would have acupuncture, but after her first treatment she woke in the morning with some extra pep and there was no more hunching in pain. Dr. Karens recommendations and healing touch has brought a calmness to our family’s life by helping us become aware of larger issues that were causing patterns of dis-ease. As an extra service, Dr. Karen regularly comes to my house to help Sixx out with acupuncture/massage sessions and her rates are reasonable. If you are looking for more than “vaccinate and exterminate” ideologies in regards to your pets health and want a Doctor with a that has loving, insightful touch then I highly recommend you call upon Dr. Karen.


  • Odin

    OdinMy GSD Odin was due for his shots so meeting Karen was accidental. however Im very grateful we did Karen has been able to help correctly diagnose Odin pain and stress issues from and accident he had as a puppy.

    All the other vets and 2nd opinions could not or would not help to identify Odin’s problems, he was suffering from two seizures a month and had a serious issues with his back leg and spine. ( that my normal vet said, ” that’s just German shepherds, get used to it”).

    Odin was not able to run faster than a child and was in constant pain. Karen suggested I try acupuncture as and alternative to pain killers and try to identify and fix the problem rather than a life of epilepsy medicine and pain killers.

    Since we started down this path we have not looked back. Karen came to our house and to my amazement Odin allowed entry. This is unheard of. Odin must have sensed Karen was here to help. After the first treatment Odin was a different dog. He can now run like a normal dog. His leg muscles have strengthened to the point his leg is now back in its normal position and he regularly tries to jump higher and higher and do things he never used to do.. like laps of the yard at full speed! He is full of energy instead of sitting around all day doing nothing. He is calmer more relaxed less aggressive and im convinced its because of Karens healing techniques that are responsible for giving Odin his life back. Thanks Karen:)


  • Spike

    SpikeI met Dr. Karen when Spike was due for his annual check up. In the 18 months leading up to that visit, Spike had started to show his age especially when lowering himself to the floor or when trying to stand up. Another symptom I was aware of during this time frame was the fact that Spike was unable to stand or walk with his hind paws flush with the ground – like walking on his ‘tip toes’. While the family was aware of this problem, we thought it was just another sign of old age. After Dr. Karen gave Spike his check up and administered his injections, she asked me what I was doing about his hind legs. I told Karen that I assumed it was just old age and she said that yes, partly , but that he could be helped through acupuncture to release the tension in the muscles that were pulling Spike’s hind legs up onto his ‘tip toes’.

    I would never even have thought of acupuncture for dogs but am profoundly grateful that Karen suggested it. By the end of the first session, Spike was walking with all 4 paws flush with the ground and is still walking that way, 5 months later. Dr Karen has also helped Spike with his breathing and skin problems. Last week a friend called over and her comment on seeing Spike was “he doesn’t look sad any more” – I think that says it all. I am definitely going to keep a maintenance programme going for Spike with Dr. Karen to keep him as comfortable as possible as he enters his twilight years.


  • Allira

    AlliraFor the past 10 years it’s been just me and Allira, my Ragdoll cat. I thought about getting another cat for a long while but it wasn’t until I went overseas for a couple of months that I decided I’d get another one. Thought this would be a good idea so that if I go away again she’d have a constant companion not just family/friends popping in to feed, clean her litter and generally check on her well being. So almost a year ago now, Izak the kitten entered our lives…another Ragdoll…and what a roller coaster ride it’s been!

    Unlike people, cats are solitary animals and can be quite content on their own…but the human in me just had to get another cat much to Allira’s grief…she didn’t take well to the new addition which I did expect but was hoping that in time she would come to love and accept him. Izak and Allira are the total opposites, he’s this playful extrovert and Allira…well she’s quite the introvert and really always has been…even as a kitten she wasn’t overly playful.

    Allira has always been healthy and in her 10 years she’s only had a urinary infection a couple of times but within 2 weeks of Izaks arrival she fell ill with the cat flu, which unfortunately she caught off Izak who had been immunized and was carrying the live virus…so if you are going to introduce a kitten who has just been vaccinated be sure that your older cats immunizations are up to date…I chose not to vaccinate Allira as an adult cat because she was totally indoors and not around any other cats…lesson learnt…the hard way!

    After a horrible few weeks Allira did recover from the flu but it wasn’t without consequences…she literally went grey over night and as the months passed, with many changes to her routine and the constant harassment by a playful kitten (who was too boisterous for her) she became very depressed. She stopped grooming herself, she basically became a mute and didn’t speak to me anymore (Allira was always vocal when I talked to her) she isolated herself and would hide in dark places, she started urinating outside her kitty litter tray and her personality totally changed. It was sad to witness and I felt very guilty.

    I heard about Dr Karen Tan and decided to give her a call thinking that some alternative healing would be more beneficial than the conventional option of antidepressants. Dr Karen is amazing with animals and very intuitive as to what is going on with them. To have her come to my home is an absolute bonus as she was able to assess Allira and her environment. She was able to sense that all wasn’t well while I was out during the day between the two cats and from this I was able to make some changes. Allira and Izak now have their own areas whilst I’m not home and this has been a blessing…for Allira at least!

    Dr Karen treated Allira’s depression with acupuncture and after the first session there was a noticeable change where she started to brighten up a bit, was more vocal with me and she started to clean herself again…she even threw up a fur ball…never been so happy to see her throw up one of those! Allira so far has had 4 consecutive acupuncture treatments and generally is doing a lot better. Had we been able to get her to take some of the herbal formulations (that Dr Karen had especially made up for her) to address some of her other health issues which have come about due to the stress she has endured this past year, I’m sure she would be a lot better…but as most of you cat loving people would know, it’s really hard to get a cat to take something…especially in tablet form! We haven’t given up though, Dr Karen is going to formulate some bach flower remedies which will be a lot easier to administer. Allira is due for her follow up acupuncture session today just to make sure things stay on track!

    I know in time all will be well… Izak would love to be buddies but maybe as he gets older and mellows out Allira will come to love him too…but I can accept how things are now and am happy with that!

    I’m grateful to know that Dr Karen is available for my cats to treat them either holistically or medically depending on what their needs are.
    Thank you so much Karen for all that you have done so far!